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ELAN Petroleum JSC was established in 1995 with the purpose to supply raw materials and petrochemical products to the other subsidiaries in the REI Holding group in order to increase their efficiency and competitiveness

The principal activity of the Company comprises design, construction, operation and management of sites and installations in the petrochemical industry and power engineering, trade in any type of energy sources, including petrol and petrol by-products.

The company has representative offices in Geneva, London, Dubai and Moscow.

Company management was changed in 2017 and its new policy led to a considerable increase in the revenues in the last year.

The previous managers moved to other managing positions  in the Group and are still of great support to the new management.

The main products the company deal with are:

  • Crude oil;
  • Light and heavy naphtha;
  • LPG;
  • Polyethylene


The main goals of the Company for 2019 are the following:

  • to open a new office in Milan;
  • to sign new contract for supply of crude oil. Тhe new management will take the necessary steps to register the Company with the National Oil Corporation in Libya and sign the respective contracts;
  • to increase the sales in the Balkan countries and Cyprus;
  • to develop the distribution network.


Email address: office@elanpetroleum.com