Heavy Industry

Electrical produce and transportation

REI invested in dozen production facilities. They were separated into two groups. The first was comprised of a vertical chain of plants part of the electric industry – starting from non-ferrous metals and going to conductors, cables and electrical equipment. Another group of plants were part of the transport sector, more specifically railways. The combined employee count of these plants was at one point in the excess of 4000 people.

Our investments were motivated by the liberalisation of certain markets in Eastern Europe during the 90s. Once publicly held producers were privatised and plans for modernisation were needed. REI and other investors stepped forward and focused on improving their competitiveness and increasing their exports.

At the current stage, REI has divested from most of its holdings in the above sectors and owns shares in just a few plants. Our company has, however, a more diversified portfolio and its exposure to the heavy industry sector is balanced. Our hopes are that Europe’s future development in transport will include a focus on energy-efficient, clean and effective railway transportation.