Real Estate

Office and tourism estates

As a counterbalance to our more risky investments, we have put funds in real estate. Our investments have ranged from office space to tourism real estate such as hunting logs and grounds. Our investments are both long and short-term.

An example of a short to mid-term oriented deal is a portfolio of seaside homes situated in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. These apartments are parts of two beautiful, modern 4* and 5* hotels – Royal Sun and Royal Beach Barcelo. Right now we are in the process of selling some of these premium assets.

Moreover, we welcome projects in tourism and real estate development. Our focus on real estate is purely as a diversification tool. As a result, we are not involved directly in tourism or any other area which our holdings may pertain to. For additional information on the assets we have on sale and those open for development, please use our contact page.

  • Tourism estates
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